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Underwater drone designed for industrial applications, such as oil and gas exploration, fisheries, and underwater surveying. The drone can be equipped with sensors and cameras to monitor underwater conditions, as well as used for inspections and repairs underwater. The advantages of using underwater drones are the reduction of risks and operational costs, as it reduces the need for human divers. Additionally, underwater drones can be used to access hard-to-reach areas or areas that are hazardous to human divers.

CE-BOND Cementing well integrity

CE Bond is a product that helps to improve the efficiency and quality of cementing processes in oil and gas wells. The product provides a centralized cementing flow solution, a system that allows for even and controlled distribution of cement around the drilling pipe. The advantages of using CE Bond are to minimize the risk of cement leakage and increase well productivity. Additionally, the use of CE Bond also helps to reduce operational and environmental costs by reducing the amount of cement needed for each well